About us

Netbots was established in June 2010 in order to provide innovative e-services.

The company's portfolio focuses on the development work and marketing on the Internet:

  • support advertising campaigns and brand awareness campaigns on the Web
  • increase the conversion factor using innovative tools and copyright applications,
  • creation of mobile websites and applications for mobile devices,
  • creating dedicated B2B applications.

We also offer e-services: Netbots and NetVertz.

The aim of the first one is to design and sale the virtual agents; the second one is to create a platform to post ads on social media.

E-services will be provided at the individual request of a client, in an automated manner, via the Internet, so it will not require the simultaneous presence of the supplier and the customer in the same location.

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Based on our research we have created prototypes of innovative global tools (robots/bots) to support purchasing decisions.


Services offered by Netbots are very innovative, even on a global scale. Innovation is not only the use of bots that respond to specific users by adapting to their needs, but also the ability to improve the bots themselves.

  • Netbots - robots (bots) installed on the website
  • NetVerts - a system to manage ads on the website, which adapts the content of the ads to users staying current on the page.

Netbots - robots (bots) installed on the website. They works by analyzing the behavior of the page users and allow to customize the offer to the customer. For example, the person who are browsing the site with bathrooms equipment and searching for a tap, next time will be offered for the time-limited promotion (2 hours) to the specific product (red tap).

NetVerts - a system to manage ads on the website, which will adjust the content of the ads to user staying current on the page. This level of adaptation of content presented to customers' expectations is different from the solutions offered by the classical AdServery.

We are currently working on an application which allows the services to be designed to increase the effectiveness of online advertising by increasing the conversion ratio*.

* Convert is one of the basic definitions that describe the effects of advertising. It is expressed as a percentage ratio of the number of desired actions taken by the user to the number of situations in which potential actions can be realized.

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B2B (Business-to-Business) Applications is a software designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Contrary to popular opinion can serve not only to large companies. Successfully could be applied to companies from the SME sector.

B2B applications facilitate trade cooperation between companies and support relationships and transactions between them and customers, suppliers, distributors, sales agents, as well as sales and service points. It is an essential link of business processes.

We can distinguish B2B systems accessible from a web browser, and versions that are installed on each computer in the company.

Special type of B2B application is CRM - a system of customer relationship management. The purpose of CRM is to maintain and facilitate these relationships. Technologies used in this system allow not only to collect and use information about customers, but also enable complex coordination of almost all business processes, which has a significant impact on the improvement of work within the company.

The CRM system provides the company with revenue and profit growth improved trade relations and to obtain a uniform and transparent software that will allow for fast and comprehensive support of existing and potential customers.

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Mobile applications are programs that run on mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets). They can perform many functions - from basic applications to communicate to complex software and games. They make life easier not only to sales representatives or persons working on advanced systems, but most of all build loyalty between the company and the users of mobile phones.

Increasingly important role in communicating with the client plays the internet and instant access to information. Nowadays mobile phones and smartphones often effectively replace less convenient to use laptops. This results generated solutions significantly improve their business - mobile applications for business.

Technologies and platforms that are operating systems for mobile devices:

  • iPhone OS - iPhone, iPad oraz iPod
  • Android - LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Motorola
  • Symbian - Nokia, Sony
  • Blackberry - Blackberry
  • Windows Phone - HTC, Nokia Lumia, Samsung

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Mobile website is a website adapted for viewing on mobile devices. Adapting website at mobile devices is a requirement of our times, in which the ability to connect with the world via the Internet available include in smartphones is undoubtedly the convenience of the user.



Adapting to display on mobile devices relevant concerns on graphics solutions and content. Sites for mobile devices should be simpler than traditional websites. This is due to the limit of screen size and speed of data transfer.

The benefits of implementing mobile web:

  • increase viewership
  • widening range of customers
  • adaptation to various types of equipment
  • lower transfer costs
  • saving time, thanks to the rapid charging parties
  • availability to customers anytime and anywhere!

Custom mobile websites have services such as:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Ebay
  • Google

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